Our printing presses aren’t your average office printer. Our offset and letterpress presses are all made by Heidelberg, one of the oldest and most recognizable brands in the industry. Our digital and wide format are all current technology commercial-size machines. We have the ability to produce all styles and sizes of printed pieces.

Printing Options

Each type of printing produces good results, but each has different pros and cons. Talk to us to find out which option is right for you.


We can print directly from a digital file using a very high-quality digital colour press. The setup requires less time and fewer resources, making it a good choice for smaller full-colour print jobs.

Wide Format

Wide format ink jet printing allows us to make large display pieces at almost any size required. We use this equipment to print large format items like Signs, Backlit Posters, Banners, and Pull-up Banner Stands. We can also mount or print on rigid materials like Coroplast and Foamcore.


Letterpress printing hasn’t changed much over the last century. We lock up metal type or engravings into a frame, roll them with ink, and “press” them onto paper for a classic, unforgettable look.


Offset printing transfers an image from a metal plate to paper. This process provides a high-quality reproduction that can be used thousands of times without needing a new plate. We can use large printing presses to run off much higher quantities of printed items. Setting up the press takes more time and resources than digital printing; however, once set up they run at much higher speeds than digital presses, making this a better option for bigger jobs.